DeGale happy to offer Bute for home advantage

James DeGale, a professional boxer from British and the current winner of International Boxing Federation (IBF) in the category of super middleweight champion, is happy when he should face the Lucian Bute, a professional boxer of Romanian-Canadian and the former of IBF in the category of super middleweight champion, on his home turf for next month. It is because Bute is “very good” as the former holder in IBF in the super middleweight champion category.

DeGale usually takes an unordinary step to concede home advantage while he is making his first defense of his belt to against the fellow southpaw, Bute, on November 28, in Quebec, Canada, live in Sky sports. Anyway, most of the London citizens force the path of his career to have a different plane toward the one who won the title of IBF in 2007 also defended it for nine times before the Carl Froch from Britain replace him of it in 2012 in Nottingham.

The Olympic champion in 2008, that sole the professional defeat of 22 fights was bitter rival from domestic, George Groves, is very confident. He could end a fighter career who was dismantled in five rounds by Froch. DeGale said that we can know what kind of man he is. He is going to Canada to offer Lucian Bute chance to know of my world title.

DeGale has planned to rival Froch with beating Bute in fight of IBF title. He said that the way he is feeling, he is in the top shape. It can be hard to beat him. His journey just is starting, he is coming to the end. He wants the big fights, he wants to unify the titles. For the first, he will beat Bute and Bute will want his old belt to back. He is too good, too fresh, too young. Much too good. Bute has always struggled in convincing in his three fights after he was losing his unexcelled status to Froch. He won thesecond defeat at light-heavyweight in 34 fights by Jean Pascal in January 2014.

He fights back with a fourth-round stoppage in August from Andrea Di Luisa from Italian. He will challenge right now for the old title in his province where he got the first laid hands on it in around eight years ago. Froch has ended up the Bute’s run in five thrilling rounds of 30 straight wins. Bute said that the last time he was here he lost his title in 2012 but it is in the past. He has switched to be trainers for Howard Grant.

He told that he has a new team in behind him and he will become a world winner of champion again. It is big for him because he had the belt for the five years. On November 28 he got it back. He thanked to James for the opportunity. He has never lost in Quebec City champion for many times, so he will be a new world winner in this champion.

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The goal of Walcott for England shows his potential

Theo Walcott or Theo James Walcott was born on March 16, 1989 is a professional footballer from English who plays as the forward in national team which is England and Premier League in Arsenal football club. He calm to finish against the Estonia is kind of latest reminder for his capability of goalscoring.

Natural goalscorer is an odd phrase. It appeals for our desire to sure that gifts are really bestowed. It is no point for practicing. Some have the gifts but some do not. But Walcott seems like to be a player who is determined to indicate that it does not enough work like that way.

He is always trying, trying and trying to prove to his manager in his club and to show those skills can be honed and learned. The others are waiting to be more convinced. The ex England and Arsenal striker, Alan Smith told to Sky Sports that we all have had doubts. Arsene Wenger also has had doubt whether he could do it well. It’s taken him for a long time to bring him through the middle consistently. He has dipped in also out yet the last five games, he had played through the middle for Arsenal. It is helped him to learn more about the ropes of job and it is the only going help him for the England.

Walcott need more improvement to have the betterment in the future. By turning his speed, to get the best positions is not be a big problem. Yet, the statistics showed that Walcott had missed chances of clear-cut at a very far greater rate than someone else in the last season of Premier League.

The temptation has been regarded him as the England’s freak of speed. Walcott has worked very hard to add the other aspects for his game also it becomes a frustration toward the people who do not see it. The calmness finishing of him was very evident in his opener on Friday at Wembley.

It was the familiar pace which sets him free and Ross Barkley’s quality pass to find him. It was the finish which really capped it off. A one of measured into the corner hinted at these hours at London Colney to spend in the conversation with Thierry Henry.

Terry Butcher said to Sky Sports studio that right now, his confidence seems like higher than it has ever been. Why would not it be? It is because Walcott has seven goals in the last nine appearances and three of them come off to the bench.

Some of them have been the optimum position for his goals. Roy Hodgson told before the game that they hope that Walcott does for them like he has seen before that Walcott does for Arsenal. They want to have in to these qualities. Walcott still was asked to play from right wing yet. He did all his best. Even if there was a shot of crisply struck in the last fourth minute, he looked busy with his face attitude.

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Djokovic Face Nadal in China Open Final

Novak Djokovic who was born on May 22 1987 is a professional tennis player from Serbian who is often ranked in number one in the world by Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) in the category of men’s singles tennis. He is considered of being one of the most skilled tennis players all the time. His coach is former of Slovak tennis player who named is Marian Vajda, and the former of Wimbeldon champion and German tennis player who named is Boris Becker.

Rafael Nadal claimed that his place in final of China Open with a straight sets win. On Saturday, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic will meet in final of China Open after both of them are sealing straight sets of victories at National Centre in Beijing, China.

Djokovic has booked one place in the final after he was easing past David Ferrer, the professional tennis player from Spain. The top seed place broke his opponent to serve early in both of sets to win 6-2 and 6-3 in an hour 14 minutes but it is only after Ferrer fought back in second set. Ferrer tried to break back in the game eight to win 5-3, but Djokovic has took the next service game from his opponent to win the set, the set up and match his meeting with Rafael Nadal.

As Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic get in the set to meet in the final of China Open, both of them share their opinions about each other. In the day earlier, Nadal claimed that a 7-5 and 6-3 victory over the Fabio Fognini in having served stay in the opening set.

Nadal is defeated by Fognini for three times in this year. Fognini is knocking him out of US Open in September at the third of round stage. Anyway, he could not continue his run of against Nadal and in the second set, he was broken to go 4-2 down.

On Sunday, Novak Djokovic will face Nadal in the final round. Nadal held the serve to protect his place in the final for third times in his career who is a winner in 2005. Nadal said that for him, to stand in the final is great event. He is very happy with the result. The goal for him is tried to find good level in the end of this season.

His next assignment will attempt to give defeat toward Djokovic, the one who never has lost in China Open. As Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic get in set to meet in the final round of China Open, they take a look back to the rivalry which nearly spans for a decade.

The 29-year-old leads his head-to-head for 23-21 but he has failed to against Djokovic since final round in French Open last year. Nadal added that he knows that today, Novak is not his league that is a different level of him in this year. Tomorrow is a match to try to play and try to enjoy the way that he wants to play and they will see.

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